Julianna Rencés Kovács



Wherever life leads us, home is always the place where we have grown. Surrounded by love, the embrace of a mother or father, valuable things for us that remind us of years of happiness, security and carelessness. And when we are adults
and around us, our children playing Indians, we know that they too will be watching and celebrating the relics of their youth in their adulthood.

Julianna Rencés Kovács knew it well when she founded Love Colors in 2012, a brand that she built at the beginning only at night with her door closed, not to overcome the sweet dreams of her three sons. Julianna learned to sew her grandmother and used her skills during her studies at the Technical University of Liberec at the Faculty of Textile and later in her profession as a designer of fashion jewelery. Nothing but her own brand.


Love Colors

emphasizes the importance of an environment where individual personality and creativity can be developed. Therefore, it deals with the creation of unique quilts, bedclothes, blankets, decorative and utility textiles, sets of beds and decorative figures. These items are not only colorful, harmonious, delicate to touch and decorative, but especially practical and quality processed, for everyday use.


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All products by

Love Colors

are original, carefully designed and made of quality pre-fabricated cotton fabrics. For us the most important quality and processing of every detail is ours. We use the best quality components available on the market, and we try to make the material we make

Love Colors is more

like a hill of fine things. She is a magical friend with whom the doll falls asleep. It is the identification of memories in the form of a soft cloth. It's touching care. Love Colors is the color of love that we not only see but feel.